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The city of entry of Momentos in Brazil was Rio de Janeiro and the birthplace was the Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to the great artistic and pedagogical sensitivity, professionalism and the huge interest in the diversity of people, events and arts, the executive director of the Choreographic Center, Gil Santos, presented on August 2, 2015 the first edition in Rio de Janeiro entitled: “ A river of dreams''. In 2017 we launched the show "Perspectivas". In 2018 we presented the show “Fragilidade Humana - Human Fragility - Menschliche Fragilität” and in 2019 “O Fio da Meada”.

Thus, unpretentiously, Momentos Rio was born, which was very well received by participants, supporters, partners and the public. With the positive impact of this work, other Cities-Momentos were born in Brazil, such as Curitiba (2017), Brasília (2019) and São Paulo (2020).

In 2017, we established a partnership with the Museum of Modern Art - the MAM of Rio de Janeiro, thus taking another leap in the artistic construction of Momentos, that is, developing a show created for a museum of modern art, presenting it there and later adapt it to the stage of the Choreographic Center. In 2018 we gained another new presenter and lover of our art: Cidade das Artes. Today the shows Momentos Rio are presented by Cidade das Artes and Centro Choreográfico. 

In recent years, we have won a partnership with: Academia Internacional de Cinema, Escola de Música Villa-Lobos, Escola Nacional de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro, Faculdade Angel Vianna and Spectaculu.

Momentos Rio:
2015 – Um Rio de Sonhos (A River of Dreams)
2017 - Perspectivas (Perspectives)
2018 - Fragilidade Humana (Human Fragility)
2019 – O Fio da Meada

On our Facebook page you will find information about each production presented so far.
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