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In 2013, two years after the creation of Momentos Wien (Vienna), the artistic and choreographic director Vinicius took the Momentos concept to the University of Innsbruck, initiating a partnership with the University in the presentation of the project. Thus came the first edition of Momentos Innsbruck, entitled “Durch wie viele Türen gehen wir täglich” (How many doors do we go through every day).

Since 2013, we have developed a partnership with the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium, from where some of the musicians came to participate in our shows, as well as Innsbruck Cathedral (St. Jakob), where we had the honor of celebrating the tenth production called Begegnung (Encounter).

Momentos Innsbruck:
2013 – Durch wie viele Türen gehen wir täglich 
2013 – Freiheit – wie fühlt sie sich an?
2014 – Fest in der Hand der Zeit
2015 – BegierdE. WünschE. TräumE
2015 – Richtungswechselfrei 
2016 – Zweischneidig
2016 – Memories in Motion 
2017 – Im Fluss des Lebens 
2018 – Menschliche Fragilität 
2019 – Begegnung

On our Facebook page you will find information about each production presented so far.
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