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Through the recognition of the artistic, cultural and international importance of Momentos, we received the necessary support from the Austrian Embassy in Brasília together with SESC GAMA for the implementation of Momentos Brasília in 2019, thus creating the fifth City-Momentos.

In each City-Momentos there is a multidisciplinary team of volunteer coordinators, which not only coordinates the performance of the dance show alongside our director, but also develops with him several cultural artistic projects throughout the year.

The first edition of Momentos Brasília was called “O FIO DA MEADA” and had its premiere on July 6, 2019 at Teatro Paulo Gracindo, SESC Gama, sponsored by Audi do Brasil and the Embassies of Germany and Austria. The show schedule in Brasília is between the months of June and July.

All and more information about Momentos Brasília can be found on the Facebook page.
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