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"The idea of creating shows from scratch, with the collaboration and dedication of several artists, and enchanting people is the same one that moves Audi on a daily basis. Participating in MOMENTOS Brasil and contributing to take the show to several cities and several people is an honor and we wish MOMENTOS WORLD more and more success".


"The International Dance-Teatre Momentos Performance project is one of the most complete and current artistic proposals. I consider the project a magnificent work of Art / Art Education/Art Education/Sensitivity Education, Aesthetics and much more."


Juliana de Moraes

Dancer, Rio Momentos

"I just have to say thank you! What I love most is being on stage and Momentos has given me that. Soon I thought I would never step on a stage again. Thanks for believing in me!"

Marcia Feijó

professor and Vice-Director of Angel Vianna Escola e Faculdade de Dança

Claudio Rawicz

Communications and Marketing Director at Audi do Brasil


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