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It is the sixth City-Momentos, and it was introduced in 2018, when we launched a unique theme for the shows in all six Cities-Momentos: Fragilidade humana - Human Fragility - Menschliche Fragilität.
Rehearsals and a preview took place inside Kap8 premises, but it was in 2019 that this first edition Fragilidade Humana - Human Fragility - Menschliche Fragilität was presented on the stage of the Studiobühne Theater at the University of Münster, which became a permanent partner. Also in 2019 we present the second production called: Begegnung (Encounter). In 2020, Herzklopfen, and 2022, 5 SENTIDOS SENSES SINNE, when we also gained a new partner to further enrich our productions: the University of Music of Münster.

Momentos Münster:

2018/19 – Human Fragility
2019 – Begegnung
2020 – Herzklopfen

On our Facebook page you will find information about each production presented so far.
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