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The Momentos World Artistic Center is currently located in 7 cities in 3 countries:
Germany: Münster
Austria: Innsbruck and Vienna
Brazil: Brasília, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Each City-Momentos has its own story to tell. However, all of them were born from the performance department as a dance-theater performance project, which was initially conceived the choreographer, director and artistic producer Vinicius. The first dance-theater production was premiered in the summer of 2011 in the city of Vienna, Austria, thus creating Momentos Vienna.

The dance-theater performance department understands that the performance itself and body expression, as well as its entire process of events, are in the foreground, that is, an intense laboratory for the knowledge of emotion as a means of generating individual movements and transformation of the same in dance.

This project features a series of dance pieces and each one deals with a certain moment in our society in the past, present or future. In each series a topic is danced, choreographed and transformed into a final product of this laboratory for a stage performance. Finally, it is presented to an audience as a dance-theatre piece, in a professional theater.  Momentos maintains the character of a "work in progress", despite the high level of professionalism, "because the truths of life are moments in eternal change" (Vinicius)!

Another significant aspect of this department is cooperation with other art forms. We demonstrate artistic, cultural, social, pedagogical and professional exchanges and symbioses through close partnership with various local academies, institutes and universities. Soon after, it has its basis in reciprocity, that is, we offer anyone in society, as well as art students, the possibility of experiencing in an autonomous and creative way the different areas in the realization of the production of a dance show.

The meeting with (students) musicians who enrich the dance piece with their own compositions and their participation in the live performances, as well as film, video, scenography, fashion and photography students, both in a documentary way accompanying the whole process of the dance project, as in the participation of the dance piece, which allows an intense artistic exchange at different levels on the topic addressed in dance, despite the short production time: usually in two weeks in Brazil or 3 weekends in Germany and Austria!

Discover here what is special about each city and what it has been producing artistically in its different departments throughout its existence.
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