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Artistic Cloud Centre

Our essence is to work with artists from different languages, with the aim of creating a new multidisciplinary artistic platform. This essence is initially based on reciprocity and collectivity as a fusion of these artists. Through a synergistic and horizontal process, we jointly develop diversified artistic projects. In this way, we create very enriching training moments, because from this collective work, with the exchange of expressions, understandings and meanings that happens inside these joint constructions, it changes people.  

How are we born?  
As a dance-theater performance project conceived by the choreographer Vinicius, Brazilian and also naturalized German, the first edition of Momentos was born in May 2011 in the city of Vienna, Austria, thus creating Momentos Wien. His first and greatest desire was to unite people through the transforming force of art.

Over this decade, the dance-theatre performance project has been fostering local culture, and simultaneously expanding worldwide. Today in 3 countries and 7 cities:
Austria (Vienna and Innsbruck), Brazil (Rio, Curitiba, Brasília and São Paulo) and Germany (Münster).

Who are we today?  
Since its birth, digital media have always been the basis of planning and organization. Gradually, this structure expanded worldwide. This is how we started a new artistic format, in which each coordinator (a) Momentos is a mobile part of the artistic center, being able to meet, create and work from virtually anywhere in the world, without the need to have a single, fixed and physical location. 
From this conception, we became an 'Artistic Center in Clouds'. Exploring the possibility of, in addition to the first performance department (dance-theatre), we develop 7 others: Momentos Academics, Momentos Books, Momentos Cine, Momentos Conectarte (Lives), Momentos Media, Momentos Music and Momentos Photography.  These 8 departments are active both self-sufficiently and jointly with the aim of carrying out the most diverse artistic projects: some of a local scale, others national or even international. 
Thus, an appropriate and contemporary definition for what we are today emerges:
Artistic Cloud Centre -
  an 'Artistic Center in Clouds'.

Our partners
We believe that education and art go hand in hand. 
For this reason, we invest in the opening of a pedagogical space in everything we do, so that students find with us the possibility of learning, practice, and artistic and professional experience. 

That is why we have been cooperating for more than a decade with artistic, cultural and educational organizations in the 7 "Momentos-Cities", such as: cultural centers, technical courses, academies, institutes and universities.
We offer our partners and their students remote and/or face-to-face experience in our different areas of activity: starting with the artistic, going through the administrative, business and even organizational ones.
How are we constituted and financed?
Because we believe in the power of collectivity and reciprocity, our team is today composed of more than 30 professional coordinating artists, who work voluntarily directly from 3 countries.
This is the voluntary base that creates all projects and all infrastructure within the Art Center. However, for the materialization of projects in the most diverse areas, we continue to appreciate and depend on the financial support of sponsors and cultural supporters. 
In view of this, we exist and continue to create art around the world, also for the intense reason that others believe in our power and in what and how we do it. Thus, we are grateful (always) to any and all financial support from Embassies, Consulates, Institutions and Companies.
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