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Crowdfunding for the Book 5 SENTIDOS SENSES SINNE

Dear Family-MOMENTS, supporters, donors and friends, today we have a double celebration:

1. BOOK OF JUBILEE CAMPAIGN: We would like to thank you VERY MUCH for all your trust and support in the campaign through your donations. We managed to achieve our goal and the book 5 Sentidos SENSES SINNE will be realized thanks to the support of all of you: thank you very much!

2. JUBILEE : to further intensify our joy and gratitude to the universe and to all who are part of this Family-MOMENTS I would like to share that:

EXACTLY ON MAY 14 AND 15, 2011 the first show MOMENTOS was created and presented on the Vienna stage and thus MOMENTOS and its first city MOMENTOS WIEN (Vienna) were born. Today, 10 years later, we are WORLD MOMENTS - Artistic Cloud Center

"Hoch die Tassen - Raise your cups!

Prost - Saúde - Cheers!


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