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Artistic Cloud Center

Momentos was conceived by Vinícius, Brazilian and also a naturalized German, choreographer with a master's degree in choreography, dance pedagogue and ethnologist. The project was carried out for the first time in 2011 in the city of Vienna, and consisted in its initial conception of working with artists of different languages, preparing and presenting conceptual dance shows, as well as the objective of creating a new multidisciplinary artistic platform, which through of reciprocity and collectivity presented in the union of artists of different languages, thus developing a show through an artistic, collective and horizontal process and in record production time.

Over this decade, the project has been fostering local culture, and simultaneously expanding worldwide: today in 3 countries and 7 cities: Austria (Vienna and Innsbruck), Brazil (Rio, Curitiba, Brasília and São Paulo) and Germany (Münster) . With a worldwide structure, the project was renamed Momentos World.  

Due to its component of cultural and international closeness between Germany, Austria and Brazil Momentos World has been awarded in recent years  for an expressive diplomatic recognition of these three countries in different spheres.  

From a project, we became an artistic center. In addition to the first performance department, we have developed 6 more active ones, both self-sufficiently and jointly with the aim of carrying out artistic projects, such as: Momentos Media , Momentos Conectarte (LIVES), Momentos Music , Momentos Cine , Momentos Performance , Momentos Books and Academic Moments. Thus, we started a new artistic format, meeting and working virtually, however, without a single and fixed location. Thus, a new name emerges that better defines the project with such specificities, being it an 'artistic center in clouds'. In the union of ideas, we have the “ Momentos World – Artistic Cloud Center ”: a new format of an artistic center in clouds.

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