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Gil Santos - Centro Coreográfico Rio.jpeg
Gil Santos - Centro Coreográfico Rio.jpeg

Gil Santos

Administrative and Technical Direction of the Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro

It is with great pleasure and joy that we receive MOMENTOS Rio at the Choreographic Center since five years already and annually, due to its artistic and pedagogical importance. You are always welcome to this house that is of diverse dance.

Gil Santos - Centro Coreográfico Rio.jpeg
Martina 2.jpg

Martina Beer

Mag. Martina Beer, Head of International Office at VMI-Vienna Music Institute

With Momentos and Vinicius we are connected by a cooperation that has grown over many years and is characterized by esteem and friendship, which represents a great enrichment for us on many levels. 

The interdisciplinary teaching of skills and the promotion of aesthetic-artistic expression and creative possibilities represent an essential aspect of the education at our music conservatory. The cooperation with Momentos Vienna offers our students an outstanding opportunity to intensively perceive and experience the interaction of different artistic fields: dance, photography, film, literature, stage design and music. This interaction not only results in diverse stimuli for musical improvisation, but also leads students to actively leave their pure instrumental playing and step into the ongoing scene - sometimes even in dance. By doing so they get in touch with new forms of expression. The students are thus not only given the opportunity to create suitable soundtracks alongside the dance performance, but also get the chance to try themselves out in various roles and play with all the parameters of expression. This way they can draw new creative (musical) ideas from the here and now. 

Under the professional and space-giving artistic direction of Vinicius, the students learn many skills in the context of this cooperation that have a positive effect on musical practice and the development of the artist's personality, whether this is a more flexible interaction, listening and acting skills, a free, anxiety-reduced approach to physicality and movement, the development of a strong stage presence or simply: to think anew, to create something new and to have visions.

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