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5 Senses Senses Sinne

5 SENSES SINNE SENSES  is one of the creations of Centro Artístico em Nuvens (Artistic Cloud Centre) - Momentos World, which materialized in the form of a physical, documentary book, covering the trajectory of the artistic center's main project: the dance-theatre shows held in Austria, in Germany and Brazil, directed by Vinicius.

In commemoration of the 10 years of existence of Momentos World, the desire was nurtured to produce a physical book that would tell in detail the entire process of birth, development and structuring in 3 languages (Portuguese, German and English). At the same time, the book will present a vast photographic collection offered by talented international photographers, who followed the 34 shows already created by the choreographer Vinicius in the “7 Cities-Moments” (divided between 3 countries) in the last 9 years of existence of the presentations and promotion of culture. local.

The book 5 SENTIDOS SENSES SINNE has a novelty: it will have its second format - the virtual one, which will be an extension of the physical book, allowing the reader to interact through the QR-code, which gives access to an even greater collection of unpublished photos, testimonials and videos.

In the last 11 years Momentos World has been exercising the principle of collectivity, reciprocity and volunteerism, touching hearts, transforming the impossible into the possible, creating artistic legacies and contributing bridges to an international dialogue through art. 

The creation, production and realization of this book could not have materialized differently: the beauty and intelligence of the collectivity were present in each of these phases and through the participation of each of you. The making and printing of this book was only possible through the generous financial donation of citizens, institutions, companies from different parts of the world.

Thank you so much for believing in our potential and dreaming with us!
Team Moments World
The book 5 Sentindos Senses Sinne was sponsored by:
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